Self Watering Alaska Grow Buckets

I enjoy growing my own food and helping others to learn about gardening and the benefits of a healthy diet. Many people today eat mostly low cost, highly processed foods. Just adding a fresh salad or stir fry vegetables can be an improvement. People often complain that they don't have room for a garden or that it is too time consuming. I believe anyone can grow some of their own food at home with minimal space and little effort. On a city rooftop, on an apartment balcony, on a patio, deck or a porch, on a vacent lot, or in a backyard greenhouse.

Making your own Alaska Grow Bucket only takes 5 minutes.

Grow Your Own... Eat Local... Teach the Poor to Grow Food...

The Alaska Grow Bucket is the easiest self-watering container system that anyone can use to grow their own food. Alaska Grow Buckets use capilary action of a soiless grow-medium to draw water from below up to the plant roots. The all new Alaska Grow Bucket has been completly redesigned. Construction is much easier and takes less time than other complicated bottom watering container systems. A free guide with complete step by step instructions is available for viewing and download here.  All components for constructing your system are easy to find and are available for purchase Here on the Alaska Grow Bucket Store. The advantage of this system over other hydroponic growing systems is the lack of liquid pumps to circulate water and nutrients and air pumps to aerate the root zone. Eliminating the pumps eliminates the need for electric power. You can use this system anyplace you have a water source. In addition, you can connect several Alaska Grow Buckets to a large reservoir for a completly Self-Watering System.